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Tronsmart Apollo Bold TWS Earbuds ANC سماعات أذن لاسلكية مزودة بتقنية البلوتوث لإلغاء الضوضاء

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69 متوفر في المخزون



69 متوفر في المخزون

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 Tronsmart Apollo Bold TWS Earbuds ANC سماعات أذن لاسلكية مزودة بتقنية البلوتوث لإلغاء الضوضاء

Tronsmart Apollo Bold TWS Earbuds ANC (إلغاء الضوضاء النشط) سماعات بلوتوث لاسلكية مع QualcommChip QCC5124 ، Apt-X

1. Tronsmart Apollo Bold TWS Earbuds ؛

2. 360 درجة إلغاء الضوضاء النشط الهجين.

3. Qualcomm® QCC5124 الشريحة الرئيسية مع apt-X ؛

4. تقنية TrueWireless ™ Stereo (TWS Plus) ؛

5. دعم الكشف الذكي في الأذن.

6. مخصص هوائي الليزر LDS.

7. دعم مساعد صوت والتحكم باللمس.

8. ما يصل إلى 30 ساعة وقت اللعب ؛

9. دعم التحكم APP.



ما تشتريه الآن يدعم التحكم في التطبيق. يخرج التطبيق ، يمكنك التحكم في سماعات الأذن عن طريق هاتفك الخلوي.


“صوت قادر بشكل لا يصدق بكفاءة مذهلة في إلغاء الضوضاء النشطة”

*Click the picture to get Earbuds OTA updated method.

The APP download method: IOS: Directly Search for “Tronsmart” in the App store to download and install. Android: Directly Search for “Tronsmart” in Google Play Store to download and install.

360° Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling

Hybrid ANC technology together with 6 mics cancels the noise from every corner.

Feedforward ANC:

The microphone reduces noise in a narrow range of frequencies.

Feedback ANC:

The microphone reduces noise in a broader range of frequencies. Feedforward ANC works within a narrower range and shallower frequencies. Feedback ANC works within a broader range and deeper frequencies. Hybrid ANC combines the FF ANC and FB ANC, it can work within full frequency noise.

Leading Qualcomm® Flagship Chip- For Sound. For Experience

Equipped with the Qualcomm® QCC5124 flagship chip, Apollo Bold brings you with an unprecedented using experience and sound quality.

Music Feast Never Delay

The advanced TrueWireless™ Stereo Plus synchronous signal transmission technology is used for more desirable sound without any delay. *TrueWireless™ Stereo Plus synchronous signal transmission technology only for those compatible devices.

Intelligent In-ear Detection

Play music automatically when you put them in Take out to pause

Unrestricted Usability

ANC On: Refuse any noise ANC Off: Immerse in music. Ambient sound mode: Commute with music

Explore Every Detail

Customized graphene driver works with Qualcomm® aptX™ decoding for superb sound quality.

Qualcomm® aptX™ : for studio quality audio AAC: Balanced and clear sound for iOS SBC: Well balanced & rich sound for Android Graphene driver: Larger amplitude and wider frequency response range *Lossless Qualcomm® aptX™ audio only for those compatible devices.

Customized LDS Laser Antenna for a Robust Connection

LDS laser antenna Great consistency, stable performance Less signal interference, high penetration Large transmission area, broad signal range

Music All Day Long

Type-C quick charging 10 mins of charging for 1 hour use. Up to 10 hours playtime on a single charge. Over 30 hours playtime with charging case.

Dust? Sweat? Rain? No Worries!

IP45 rated dustproof and waterproof feature lets you enjoy music anywhere anytime.

Never Fall Out

Three-point structure for stability and ergonomic design for ultra comfort.

Pressure Free Touch Control

Activate voice assistant Play music Answer/reject a call Volume +/- Next/Previous track

Exclusive APP for Smarter Use

OTA upgrade function EQ sound effect switch Customizable touch control

Control Your Earbuds with one APP Support Customize your own sound and touch control. The APP come out.


Spanish/Portugal Customers Attention

Dear Spanish/Portugal customers, welcome to Tronsmart Official Store. If your address is Spanish or Portugal island address, please pay attention the following information: 1. Because of the restrictions of regional, shipping company couldn’t send the parcels from Spain/Poland to the island address. Even if the parcel is sent out, it will face the situation of being returned. So, please cheak your address before purchasing. 2. If you are not sure whether your address is island address or not, please send message to us, we will check for you. Thank you for your kindly support. 3. If your address is island address, please don’t worry, you can choose shipping from China, and the shipping speed is also very fast. For more questions, please feel free to contact us. Thank you for your kindly understanding. Have a good shopping!


1. Can I turn off the ANC mode on my own? Yes, you can. Apollo Bold has three modes: ANC ON: for blocking any noise; ANC OFF: For listening to the music longer; Ambient sound mode: receive the necessary sound outside. 2. How is the noise cancelling effect of Apollo Bold? Apollo Bold is equipped with hybrid active noise cancelling (Feedforward + Feedback ANC) technology together with 6 mics so that it can cancel the noise from every corner. Besides, it can cancel noise up to 35dB from full frequency while most earbuds can only reduce noise up to 25-28dB. 3. Do the earphones support in-ear detection? The earphones will play music automatically when you put them in and pause when you take them out. 4. What’s the difference between TWS+ that your product equipped with and TWS? TrueWireless™ Stereo Plus (TWS+) allows both left and right earbuds to receive the signal from the mobile phone at the same time, thus there is no delay between left and right earbud; while TrueWirelessTM Stereo (TWS)allows the main earbud to receive the signal first, then transmit the signal to the other earbud so that there is a delay between left and right earbuds. 5. How many microphones are equipped with the earphones? Apollo Bold is equipped with 6 mics for noise cancelling making sure crystal-clear call and studio quality audio. 6. Can I use only one headset when answering a call? Yes, you can. But you need to use the host. 7. When the app is launched? The APP for Apollo Bold will launch in September. 8. Is the Apollo Bold waterproof? Yes, the earphones are IP45 rated dustproof and waterproof. 9. How long can I use the earphones once a time? On the 50% volume level, the playtime is about 10 hours. With the charging case, the playtime can be up to 30 hours. The playtime depends on the volume level, music genres, environmental conditions and more. 10. Can I use it with Skype or Microsoft Teams? Yes, it can use for Skype or Microsoft Teams. 11. Is it compatible with Bluetooth 4.2? Yes, they are compatible. 12. Could you just let me know if the earbuds will still pair automatically with my iPad Pro and will the ANC still work? Yes, it will. It has an automatic pairing function and ANC function. 13. Can I use only one earphone? Yes, you can use one earphone and put the other one in the charging case. But one earphone cannot use the app function, other functions can be used normally. 14. Could you tell me if the tronsmart Apollo bold can be connected to 2 devices at the same time? I am sorry that it can not connect to two devices at the same time. 15. Will it turn off automatically when the Bluetooth is disconnected? No, it will not. Because it has active noise reduction function once it is turned on. 16. When using only one earbud for listening to music, does it combine both left and right sound channels into one earbud or does it only play the sound intended for this earbud? It only plays the sound intended for this earbud. 17. How long does it take to fully charge the earphones? About 2 to 2.5 hours. And it also supports ten-minute of charging for one-hour use. (For those compatible devices only) 18. How long does it take to fully charge the charging case? About 2.5 hours. 19. How to pair the Apollo Bold with your mobile phone for the first use? Please search “Tronsmart” in YouTube. And follow our official YouTube of Tronsmart. There is professional video to guide you how to pair the Apollo Bold with your mobile. Thank you. 20. What functions can be achieved through touch control? Please search “Tronsmart” in YouTube. And follow our official YouTube of Tronsmart. There is professional video to guide you. Thank you. 21. How to reset the Apollo Bold earbuds? Please search “Tronsmart” in YouTube. And follow our official YouTube of Tronsmart.There is professional video to guide you how to reset the earphones. Thank you. 22. Does the Tronsmart Apollo Bold has a wired mesh or a metal mesh? How to clean the earbuds? Yes, we have metal mesh and ours is relatively small. You can use the cotton swab to clean it. 23. What is the charging case dimensions? It is 29.45 x 19.03 mm / 1.16 x 0.75 inches. 24. What is the size of the ear tip? The ear tip dimensions are 2.7*4.9.


Model: Tronsmart Apollo Bold Bluetooth Version: Bluetooth 5.0 Chip: Qualcomm® QCC5124 Audio codec: aptX, AAC, SBC Bluetooth profile: HFP/HSP/AVRCP/A2DP Connection distance: Up to 15 meters / 50 feet Speaker driver: Φ10mm Impedance: 32Ω±15% Audio frequency range: 20-20K Hz Waterproof rating: IP45 Playtime: Earbud: up to 10 hours (50% volume); up to 4 hours (100% volume) Charging case: up to 30 hours (50% volume) Earbud battery: 85 mAh Charging case battery: 500 mAh Input: 5V/450mA max. Charging time: Earbud: 2 to 2.5 hours Charging case: 2.5 hours Dimension: Earbud: 16.86 x 23.13 x 23.96 mm / 0.66 x 0.91 x 0.94 inches Charging case: 29.45 x 19.03 mm / 1.16 x 0.75 inches Weight: Earbud: about 7.0g / 0.24oz With charging case: about 54.0g / 1.90oz

What’s in the box

1 x Apollo Bod TWS Earbuds with charging case 3 x Eartip pairs 1 x Charging cable 1 x Carrrying Bag 1 x Warranty card 1 x User manual

Shipping Countries: المملكة العربية السعودية, المملكة المتحدة

جاهز للشحن 3-4 اسبوع من المملكة العربية السعودية


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سياسة الشحن


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سياسة الارجاع

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    جودة الصوت جيدة ، سيطرة مريحة. ANC يعمل جيدا ل TWS سماعات. يستحق لها المال لا لبس فيه.


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    -أقل من شهر في جنوب منطقة. سماعات كبيرة. تخفيض الضوضاء عدة طرق ، الشفافية وضع مع التعزيز. التطبيق هو متواضع. AptX دعم. “فهم” التي ليست في آذان. نحتاج لتعتاد على مجسات. ربط بسهولة. من خلال ثلاثة الجدران ، إشارة لا كسر/متر 8-10/. الصوت هو ليونة (باس يمكن حتى يكون قليلا اضافية ..) من على يعادل أنكار Liberti. أيضا إضافة إعداد الفرد ل السمع .. تلك هي لا شغل وليس زائدة عالية.. كل شيء بشكل فردي ، كما يقولون ، من الإدراك و… النوع. أستمع إلى كل شيء ولكن جديد sbleb. ولكن هذا هو آخر قصة. للموظفين من محلات مسؤولون. لا أول النظام. متجر tronsmart-يوصي. + + + +


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    أسبوع إلى كورولا. معبأة جيدا. وهذه القضية هي صغيرة ، ولكن زلق. هناك لا محول وشملت. اتصال عبر بلوتوث ل فون 12 برو ماكس يحدث من خلال فون إعدادات. الصوت هو جيد ، ولكنها تحتاج إلى تعديلها. أنا جاء مع “الجاز” في تطبيق سماعات + “البيانو” في إعدادات التعادل فون. فتات العمل بشكل صحيح. فقط في تطبيق واحد بهلوان نقلها خارج ، لا توجد وسيلة لتعطيل. آمل مع التحديث سوف الصحيح. من خلال 3 الجدران على 60sq. M الاتصالات توقف


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    excelente , muito leve , qualidade de áudio ótima e entrega rápida , 18 dias.


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    جاء بسرعة ، التقطت ambushurki من عدة ، استمع ، يحب الصوت ، الهاتف realme x7pro ، والصوت هو المشبعة ، مثل متوازن ، ولكن ولكن رطبة ، مع الاقتران لأنها غير مستقر. تخفيض الضوضاء يعمل ، الضوضاء هو قطع ، حتى بالقرب من الببغاء السبت و لم تسمعه من خلال الموسيقى ، الشفافية أيضا يعمل و انها جيدة لسماع لي في غرفة كبيرة. سواء أنها تستحق أموالهم ، نعم ربما يستحق ذلك ، الصوت هو لطيف ، لينة ، حجم احتياطي هو زائدة ، هناك unbuildable المعادل المسبقة في التطبيق.


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    غطاء حالة هو المعيار ، فإنه يحدث أسوأ بكثير
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